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Bộ thu phát 64 kênh Video sang Quang SWV66400


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Model : SWV66400
Bộ thu phát 64 kênh Video sang Quang SWV66400
3onedata digital video optical transceivers SWV66400 series can simultaneously transmit 64 channels of 8-bit digitally encoded broadcast quality video/return or bidirectional data/unidirectional or bidirectional audio/Ethernet/Telephone/Dry contact over one multimode or single-mode optical fiber. These multiplexers are typically used in applications where the cameras have P/T/Z capabilities. Plug and Play design ensures the ease of installation and operation. Electronic and optical adjustments are never required. LED indicators are provided for instantly monitoring system status. Devices are available for either standalone or rack-mount installation, which is suitable for different working environment.

1.8-bit digitally encoded and non-compression broadcast quality video transmission
2.Directly compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM CCTV camera systems and support RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 data protocols
3.Support any high-resolution video signal
4.Automatic compatible PAL, NTSC and SECAM video system
5.Power supply and other parameter state indication, which can monitor the operation condition of system
6.Support no-damage regenerative trunk of video
7.Constant input optical power, and large dynamic range ,no Electrical or Optical Adjustments Required
8.Special ASIC design
9.Industry-grade of operating temperature from -10°C to 65°C , which is applied to the different working environment
10.Hot-swap function
11.Stand-alone type or card-type installed in 19″4U rack-mount chassis

Technical Specification
Video channels:64 channels
Video bandwidth:8 MHz
Automatic compatible video system:PAL, NTSC, SECAM
Video input/output impedance:75 Ω(unbalance)
Video signal-to-noise ratio:≥67dB
Differential gain:(10%-90%APL) DG <1% ( typical value)
Differential phase:(10%-90%APL) DP <0.7° ( typical value)
Video connector:BNC
Fiber-optic Specification
F/O connector: FC/ST/SC
TX :Power:-15 ~ -8dBm   Sensitivity :≤-35dBm
RX:Power:-15 ~ -8dBm   Sensitivity :≤-35dBm
Transmission Distance :20KM (single mode)
Operating Wavelength: TX1310/RX1550nm (Transmitter); TX1550/RX1310nm (Receiver)
Specification of custom-made options
1. Data
Connector: Terminal Blocks
Encoded type : RS485 / RS422 / RS232 / Manchester
Data rate : 0 – 400Kbps
BER:  ≤10-9
2. Audio
Connector: Terminal Blocks
Audio input / output impedance :600Ω(Balance/ unbalance)
Audio input / output voltage :2Vp-p ( typical value)
Audio input / output level :0dBm ( typical value)
Video bandwidth:10HZ~12KHZ
Audio digital encoded bandwidth :24bit
Audio signal-to-noise ratio: S/N≥95dB  (weighted)
3. Telephone
Connector: RJ11
Bandwidth :8KHZ
Features:Support call-showing function ;support H-F
Operating mode : Point to point hotline mode / FXS-FXO
4. Ethernet
Connector: RJ45
Support mode : Half duplex or Full duplex
Data rate : 10M / 100Mbps
Bandwidth: 25M
Dimensions: 48.3(L)×22(W)×4.4(H) cm(19”4U)
Operating Voltage: AC96-240V
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +65°C
Storing Temperature: -45°C to +85°C
Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
MTBF: ≥10 hours
Warranty: 5 years
Approvals: FCC,CE, RoHS approvals


64 channels video, SFP(1.25G), 85-260VAC
64 channels video + 1 channel reverse data, SFP(1.25G), 85-260VAC