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Module nhúng switch công nghiệp 8 cổng Ethernet IEM608

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Model : IEM608

Module nhúng switch công nghiệp 8 cổng Ethernet IEM608

IEM608 module is an embedded module designed to allow client’s industrial equipment to be provided with managed switch function. Adopting the modern modular design concept, which is simple and high-efficiency, this module makes the industrial equipment designers concentrate on their industrial design instead of figuring out complex network product design. It is widely used in such areas as electric power, water conservation, mining, chemical manufacturing, car, road monitoring, national defense and military.

◎Support 8 Ethernet ports, all support 10Base-T/100Base-TX/100Base-FX (optical and electrical ports optional)

◎Support self-developed SW-Ring redundant network patented technology, many looped networks, failover time <20ms

◎Support Layer 2 protocols of Ethernet switch such as VLAN, QoS, Port Trunking, Port Mirroring, IGMP Static Multicast

◎Support rate limiting and broadcast storm control

◎Support Web, CLI, Telnet management

◎Support port data frame statistics

◎Support abnormal alarm

◎Support one-key configuration

◎Energy saving design, power consumption < 4W

◎Working temperature -40~85℃

◎Compact and integrated


Standard: IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.3ad, IEEE802.1p, IEEE802.1Q, IEEE802.1X


Ethernet port:

8 Ethernet ports, available to be set as electrical or optical port as required

Redundant ring network port:

8 Ethernet ports, available to be set as redundant ring network ports

Web setting port:

All Ethernet ports come with Web setting, and support one LVTTL level serial port for serial Web setting

Alarm port:

Two LVTTL level monitor signal inputs provided for collecting alarm message of port and power abnormal

One LVTTL level alarm message output, support local alarm and remote alarm of power, port link and ring network status

System Parameters

Support 100 devices in a ring

Line fault recovery time < 20ms (in full load)

Forward speed: 148810pps

Max filter speed: 148810pps

Transmit mode: store and forward

Switched bandwidth: 2.0G

MAC table size: 2K

Support port-based VLAN protocol

Support 16 VLAN IDs, as many as 4906 VLANs can be built within the whole network


Single Ring, Tangent Ring, Star, Chain, Coupling Ring, Dual Homing

Failover time < 20ms

Power Supply

Input voltage: 3.3VDC (±5%)

Power Consumption: <4W

Physical Characteristics

Size (W*H*D): 72mm×54mm×9.5mm

Working Environment

Working temperature: -40-85℃

Storage temperature: -40-85℃

Humidity: 5%~95% (no condensation)

Warranty: 5 years



8 Ports 100M Embedded Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch Core Module