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Ingenious creating | build a highly reliable redundant ring communication network

30/ 09/ 2017

In the face of serious electromagnetic interference, complex and harsh working environment, the stability of ordinary business switches and reliability will be a great challenge, can not effectively guarantee the stability of the entire network system to run. Therefore, the...
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Scored twice! Why it won two awards in the transport sector

30/ 09/ 2017

Eighth China International Road Transport Security Expo held in Guangzhou. In the exhibition contest, 3onedata Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch–IES7112G-4GS with superior characteristics won the “2015 ~ 2016 annual road safety Innovative Product Award”, which is the product won the second...
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“Beyond” 3onedata new conference wonderful review

30/ 09/ 2017

July 22, 2016 in the afternoon, “Beyond” 3onedata new conference was held at the company headquarters in Shenzhen multifunction hall. The conference is mainly released its self-developed design POE switch Gigabit Managed Switch, Gigabit Switch module, serial servers, the virtual...
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+Recommended | Dedicated to high-definition video surveillance Smart Managed Ethernet Switches IES7110-2GS

+[Decryption] “2016 ITS Expo Golden Lion Award” Product

+Full Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch special for HD video is coming

+Designed for Rail Transit–EN50155 series industrial Ethernet switches

+3onedata held the first new conference of 2016

+3onedata Release New Full Gigabit Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch

+3onedata Embedded Industrial Ethernet Switch Module was awarded the “Golden Lion Award”

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