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Thiết bị cắt sét RS-422 FL422


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Model : FL422

Thiết bị cắt sét RS-422 FL422

IEC61643-21 is the recognized standards for top quality surge protectors, FL422 have high respond speed, low output rudimental voltage, ascendance transfer performance. Interface using 4Pin crimping terminal, inhibition of lines on the high voltage pulse, protects the backend equipment to avoid damaged by lightning, industrial surge and electrostatic discharge overvoltage damage.
This product uses metal shell, has good sealing property. It has the function of shielding and dust preventing corrosion. Products are connected in series, and installed in the front of the protected equipment.

1.Accord IEC61643-21、VDE0675、GB18802.1 standard
2.Protected signal ground connection
3.The high response surge arresters
4. Inhibition voltage and low loss against high speed signal
5. Easy to install, plug-and-play

Installation instructions
1、The surge protector is connected in series and is installed as close as possible to the protected equipment.
2、When installing surge protectors, the device should be connected between the access line and the protected device.
3、Surge protector for fault detection when the product should be removed, measured between input and output resistance, should be less than 10Ω. Between the core wire and ground resistance should be greater than 10MΩ. If the measured data does not meet the above requirements, the product is faulty, should be replaced in time.
4、Lightning protection ground connection should be as short as possible, thick, straight.
Typical application
1. Overvoltage protection of the industrial equipment interface of RS485/RS422 protocol.
2. Lightning protection for RS232-485 converter.
3. Lightning protection and surge protection of industrial bus equipment using 5V level.

Standard: Accord lEC61643-21、VDE0675、GB18802.1 standard
Rated voltage: 5V
Max sustainable working voltagee: 6.8V
Bandwidth: 2Mbps
Protection Mode:10V(Line-Line、Line-Ground)
Connector: 3.81mm  4 bit terminal block
Insert consumption: ≤0.2dB
Delay time: <1ns
Working temperature:-40℃~+85℃
Storage temperature:-40℃~+85℃
Humidity: Relative humidity 5% to 95%
Input powered: No power supply needed
Consumption: No consumption
L×W×H: 50*25*25mm
Shell: Alnico
Color: Blue
Warranty: 3 years
Approvals: FCC,CE, RoHS approvals

Packing List
1. RS-422 Surge Protector FL422×1
2. User manual ×1



RS-422 Surge Protector