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New Generation Network security guards – Security switch

01/ 10/ 2017

In recent years, China’s information construction has been rapid development, more and more wide-bandwidth, network speed turned over several times, E-Mail at the gateway of the exponential growth in transfer traffic, voice, IP, video and other technologies have greatly enriched...
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3onedata attended the first meeting of the 6th SAC / TC82 standard committee ICT Working Group

01/ 10/ 2017

As one preparation unit of intelligent substation network switch test specification, 3onedata Technology Co., Ltd. attended the first meeting of the 6th SAC / TC82WG7 standard committee ICT Working Group of National Electric Power System manage and information exchange in...
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3onedata in Zhuhai GridTec

01/ 10/ 2017

On November 12, with “exploring the future with smart energy connection” as the theme of the 2015 Zhuhai smart grid conference and China (Zhuhai) international exhibition of smart grid (GridTec Zhuhai) grand opening at the Zhuhai international conference and exhibition...
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+3onedata successfully participate in the 2015 Shenzhen CPSE

+3onedata invite you to visit the 15th CPSE in shenzhen sincely

+3onedata in the Shanghai International Exhibition of Electric Power

+3onedata Attended 15th EXPOSEC Brazil

+3onedata Attended 12th China Public Security Expo in Shanghai

+3onedata Attended 5th Intellectual Substation Technology Forum

+3onedata attended 14th Seminar of China Highway Informatization

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